A Wedding Photography Proposal for:

Darnell & Morgan

Monday, July 26, 2021

Azuridge Estate Hotel

Morning/Afternoon Garden Party Wedding

Guest count: approx. 25

Calgary wedding photography Heidrich photography David and Breanne
A Norland Estate Wedding Calgary wedding photographer sunset photos

"So, I came across Heidrich Photography during my EXTENSIVE search of photographers. I have heard from far too many people that the only thing they regret is not investing in a good photographer. We are so glad that we did our research and decided on David and Breanne. My biggest compliment to this duo was that I never felt awkward posing for our photos. We are not comfortable human beings in front of the camera and David was so good at coaching us through out the day and everything felt natural."

- Larry & Mandy

Spruce Meadows wedding Calgary

"If you are looking for a wedding day photographer, look no further! I am at a loss for words on just how absolutely incredible it was to work with David and Breanne and have them photograph our wedding.
They were incredibly easy to work with, from the first consultation meeting at Monogram to the final delivery of our photos (which by the way, were printed and placed in a STUNNING wooden box!)

David is flexible, detailed, and incredibly talented. Looking back at our photos, we realized that he didn't only capture some beautiful portraits and pictures of my husband and I, but also photos of our guests and our families while they attend the events, and those really warmed our hearts.

I could not speak more highly of Heidrich Photography and their work, thank you David and Breanne!!!"

- Ian and Lamess


1. The Ultimate Experience Package

This is the package that takes care of everything for you! From all those beginning of the day getting ready interactions to your garden party fun, to printed memories to cherish years to come. With up to 7 hours coverage available, you can be confident that your day will be without any rush or stress, timeline-wise, regardless of if speeches run long or things fall behind - and even have time to refresh or steal away for a few minutes, just the two of you. This package includes our signature heirloom box of 4x6 prints as well as a custom, handmade wedding album. It’s a done-for-you, luxury experience enabling you to be present on your wedding day, knowing that you and all your family and friends will not only have an incredible time, but that you’ll have the memories documented beautifully, forever.

  • Up to 7 hrs continual wedding day coverage
  • Engagement session in Calgary or Mountain-based
  • All travel fees included
  • 2 wedding day photographers - 1 lead / 2nd photographer (assistant & stylist)
  • 24hr Sneak peek (10 photos delivered within 24hrs of your wedding day)
  • Printed 4x6 set of all wedding photos in our signature heirloom box
  • Includes all edited, high resolution images for download
  • Shareable, online viewing gallery/ print ordering shop
  • Artisan 8x12 wedding album
  • 4895


    2. The Perfect Fit Package

    This is the package that checks all the boxes. You’ll get beautiful documentation of the whole celebration. Having up to 6 hours of coverage provides enough time for your day to flow from getting ready to the lawn games garden party. We’re here to support you in creating the the most stress-free, enjoyable wedding photography experience ever! This package includes our signature heirloom box of prints to relive your wedding day again and again with family and friends.

  • Up to 6 hrs continual wedding day coverage
  • Engagement session in Calgary or Mountain-based
  • All travel fees included
  • 2 wedding day photographers - 1 lead / 2nd photographer (assistant & stylist)
  • 24hr Sneak peek (10 photos delivered within 24hrs of your wedding day)
  • Printed 4x6 set of all wedding photos in our signature heirloom box
  • Includes all edited, high resolution images for download
  • Shareable, online viewing gallery/ print ordering shop
  • 3695


    3. The Petite Package

    This package gives you the basics for your day. While not as loaded with value or buffer in your timeline, it still offers a wonderful wedding photography experience with beautifully documented memories to cherish.

  • Up to 5 hrs continual wedding day coverage
  • All travel fees included
  • 1 wedding day photographer
  • Printed 4x6 set of all wedding photos in our signature heirloom box
  • Includes all edited, high resolution images for download
  • Shareable, online viewing gallery/ print ordering shop
  • 3295

    Let us break down and explain the reasons behind specific package items and what makes them awesome!

    Photos Before The Big Day:

    We touched on this in our phone call a bit, but we’ll expand on it because we really believe engagement sessions are SO good! Taking portraits prior to the wedding day is something we always recommend our couples do for three reasons:

    1) We all feel nervous & awkward in front of the camera, right?! We know how strange and uncomfortable it feels to have the camera lens pointed at you. But we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks to looking your best and guide you every step of the way so you can feel natural and comfortable! 

    2) You can get to know us and feel comfortable working together before the wedding! It’s valuable to have a bit of warm/up and getting to know you time with us before your wedding day – because you have more important things to give your attention to! The beauty of meeting and working together prior to your wedding day is that we aren’t strangers! Since you already will know how we work and what to expect, you can focus your attention on those people you love most all around you.  

    3) You want to feel confident, excited and ready to rock your wedding photos! Not only do we guide you in all the ways to feel and look awesome, you’ll have added confidence from knowing what to expect, as well as see the amazing photos you’ll be about to get for your wedding day! 

    The Second Photographer (Assistant/stylist):

    While David is the main photographer on a wedding day, Breanne works as the second photographer, as well as a photographer’s assistant and stylist. The most wonderful part about having a second photographer assistant/stylist is the power of the details being taken care of. For parts of the day, in scenarios that need multiple angles captured (for example, the ceremony, the reception, getting ready), we are able to split up, shoot opposite sides, capture more emotion and cover moments beyond what only one photographer would be able. For other parts of the day, where you don’t need two photographers, Breanne helps to take care of styling details (ie. the dress, a flyaway hair, etc), helps to keep the photography timeline on track, as well as helps to navigate and coordinate family photos. We know how treasured wedding family portraits are, and we always strive to provide a stress-free, organized and fun family photo time. 

    Album Details:

    When you’ve invested in such beautiful documentation of your wedding day, you deserve to have an equally beautiful way to share the story of the day. Our albums are the perfect blend of art and story, handcrafted and one of a kind, and made from materials of highest quality. The Artisan Album is a gorgeous statement piece. It features lay flat binding, fine art print pages, calligraphy imprint on both album and box, a vellum first page as well as a matching bespoke album box. The Artisan album is designed to have 25 spreads (50 pages), however, can be upgraded in size and/or to hold up to 35 spreads. If you have any questions or would like to know more about albums, we’d love to get you more information! 

    24 Sneak Peek:

    Receiving a handful of your professional wedding photos within 24hrs after your wedding day is the best! Keep the excitement alive the day after by enjoying a few portraits from the day before, as well as share professional photos right away on social media with friends and family. 

    Photos To Hold:

    All of our packages include our signature heirloom box of 4×6 prints from your entire day. We’ve found the experience of tangibly flipping through your wedding day is incomparable to any digital viewing method. It gets pretty old, pretty quick asking people to gather around an iPad. There is just such a different experience created by passing stacks of photos around with family and friends – similar to when we find an old box of portraits in a closet and then time flies while we’re lost in the memories. We want this for you, and have made it our mission and signature service for all our couples to experience their wedding day tangibly through our signature heirloom print box.

    Your Wedding Gallery:

    All of the packages include an online gallery with your high resolution, printing quality digital images. You will receive a download pin to access, download and back up all of your images from the day, and depending on your level of convenience and privacy, you can feel free to share your pin with those you want to share your wedding day with. The gallery is a great, easy way to share your wedding day with family or friends who are far away and couldn’t join the celebration. (And if you have a portion of the day, for example, the getting ready, that you don’t want everyone seeing, you have the option to hide certain images from the main gallery view.) If you, or friends and family, are interested in ordering prints, the gallery is also connected to an online print shop. Print orders are shipped to your door and your online gallery will be live for 12 months.

    Calgary wedding photography

    "We loved working with David and Breanne and will forever treasure our photos. At our first meeting they took the time to get to know us and what we wanted out of our day and we felt that they carried the same thoughtfulness through until we received our photos. They were both a pleasure to spend time with on our wedding day and made things really easy on us communicating about anything we needed to think through in advance so we didn't have to worry about it on our wedding day. Would recommend them in a heartbeat! Thank you!"
    - Mike & Jocelyn

    Calgary wedding photography the lake house wedding

    "Right from the moment we met Heidrich Photography we knew we wanted them to photograph our wedding day. David made taking photos so comfortable. When we received our wedding photos we were blown away, going through them we just kept saying oh and I love this one too. There are too many amazing photos to choose from and they perfectly captured our day! We would recommend David and Breanne to anyone, they are amazing to work with and we can't wait to share our photos with everyone!"

    - Cam & Megan

    Okay! So what next?

    Take a couple of days to review this proposal. Feel free to connect if you need any quick questions answered. We have you booked in for 8pm this Wednesday, March 3rd for a zoom consult with David to chat through your packages and answer any lingering questions you may have. If what you’ve reviewed sounds like a great fit, we will walk you through all the next steps for solidifying your date in our 2022 calendar. If you’re not ready to move forward, let’s chat about what you need from us to move you there!

    We’re so looking forward to connecting to get to know you both more and talk about how we’ll provide the best wedding photography experience ever!

    David + Breanne