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Do you really need a wedding album?

A Custom Wedding Album Is Literally The BEST Thing That Can Happen To Your Wedding Photos

Some couples are hesitant to order a wedding album because they feel like it’s an outdated product. Like come on, we’ve seen those glitzy, ultra-formal, cheesy wedding albums, right? 😉 Take a moment to wipe your mind of those kinds of albums.

Calgary studio photo of Dekora wedding albums in different colours

At Heidrich Photography, we offer timeless, storytelling albums that will not only be a gorgeous piece of art in your home but enable you to tangibly hold your memories for years to come (no matter how technology changes – because gathering family and friends around the iPad to swipe through wedding photos definitely gets old). Our couples have never regretted being able to experience holding the story of their wedding day in their hands – as well as keeping their album as an art piece on their coffee table in the center of their home. 

But ultimately, here’s the biggest reason you cannot live without ordering a wedding album: 

Digital doesn’t last. 

In this age, it’s rare to print photographs. In fact, when was the last time you sent a roll’s worth of photos to be printed? How many vacation or family photos do you have dying a slow lonely death on Facebook, or sitting somewhere in a drawer on a USB? 

This should not be you. 

You don’t invest in getting incredible images to tell the story of your wedding day just for them to sit in a drawer, waiting for technology to outdate itself. (Or for your hard drive to unexpectedly crash…eek!) And what happens when your digital storage device is lost, corrupted, or no longer compatible? Having your wedding day told through the handcrafted, luxurious pages of our wedding albums is an experience that cannot be matched by flipping on your computer and clicking through your photos. Nor can it go out-of-date from technological advances. 

Now that you’re engaged, remember one of the biggest to-dos on your wedding list? To find a good photographer. We all know we need one of the most important events in our lives to be documented well. However, what you’ll do with your photos after the wedding is a largely forgotten question. You need your wedding day documented so that you can relive those memories forever. Albums tell stories that are meant to be held, shared, and cherished.

When you work with Heidrich Photography, we’ll help ensure your photos don’t die a lonely digital death and that you get to hold your photos like you deserve.

Albums are one of our favorite ways to experience your wedding photos tangibly. We’ll take care of it all for you. You literally only have to answer yes to an album, and we’ll take all the work of design, photo selections, technical printing and ordering details off of your plate, and hand-deliver a gorgeous, heirloom album to you. 

Detail photo of Dekora wedding book showing bridal details during a Calgary wedding

But wait! What if…

… we want to make our own album?

Consider the amount of free time you have for planning your wedding when you’re in the thick of life and work. Now think about how much time you’ll spend sifting through hundreds of images, finding a quality, consumer-level album company, creating your design layout (hope you like puzzles!), learning about color print profiles, reviewing and then fiiiiinally ordering the album. Definitely budget more time than you think. (In fact, 80% of couples who start their own album never finish it!) 

At Heidrich Photography, when you order an album, we lift all of that work off of your plate so that you can relax and get excited, knowing that your album will be designed with careful intentionality and crafted with the highest quality. 

close up detail of Dekora wedding book pages in Calgary Alberta

… we are hesitant to invest in an album we haven’t seen? 

Understandable. It’s important to see and hold an album before committing to investing. This is why we always bring a sample album to our consultation meetings so you are able to see and feel it!

close up Calgary studio photo of four Dekora wedding albums in different colours

… we want to choose the images that are used?

Yes! We want you to love the images that are in your album. When you receive your online wedding gallery from your wedding, you can create a favorite list to indicate which photos are the must-have images for the album. Then, when we start to design your album, we will prioritize those images first. 

detail photos of Dekora wedding book with keep sake box in Calgary Alberta

… we don’t like the design that’s created for us?

Not to worry. Our design process includes a round of review and feedback. Our online album design program enables you to digitally flip through your album and leave comments on images or pages you’d like to make changes on. 

… we don’t want to decide right now?

Not a problem! We will never tell you what you have to do. We always recommend including your album in your wedding package when you first book so that it’s not an extra cost to add following your wedding, but you can absolutely decide to order an album after your wedding. (Up to 12 months after your wedding, actually!) We offer 20% off albums ordered within 14 days of delivering your wedding gallery (which applies also to albums ordered in the initial wedding package as well.) 

detail of Dekora wedding book photographed in calgary photo studio

Be assured, we’ll walk you through every step of the way! 

Because you need the experience of holding an incredible piece of art in your hands. To be able to flip through and reminisce about how awesome your wedding day was. To be able to share with friends and family again and again, because it sits beautifully on your coffee table. The feeling of tangibly holding and seeing your wedding photos is unparalleled to anything digital could ever offer. You need to have a wedding album

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