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Beginner to Luxury Wedding Photographers – Budget and Expectations

Preserving the Magic: Wedding Photography Pricing for Premium Wedding Photography in Canada

Your wedding deserves to be captured seamlessly and hiring the right seasoned Wedding photographer with the expertise to navigate and capture your day is an investment you’ll never regret. So, let’s talk about wedding photography pricing in depth!

Finding a photographer with plenty of experience leaves you the chance to enjoy your day knowing confidently that you’ll forever be able to relive those memories through beautifully captured photographs. 

Undoubtedly, wedding budget is top of mind as you navigate your planning, so let’s break down some factors that play into photography costs from experience, location, and customization, to what to expect when hiring a beginner to a high-end wedding photographer in Canada.

bride and groom posing for a portrait during their wedding in Jasper

Experience & Artistry:

With a wealth of experience and artistic expertise, a premium wedding photographer will capture the essence of your day easily. With years dedicated to their craft, high-end photographers offer a unique style and refined skills. But like your food and beverage, wedding attire, or venue- if you want the best, there’s an associated cost. As you allocate wedding funds, be sure to set aside a significant portion of your budget for a photographer who will preserve your wedding memories with finesse and professionalism. 

reception room photographs at the Fairmont Banff Springs .

Location Logistics:

Calgary and Banff offer breathtaking natural landscapes that serve as perfect backdrops for wedding photos. However, it’s important to consider additional costs associated with shooting in these locations. You can expect to pay additional fees for travel, accommodations, and logistical requirements if you’re hoping to explore and shoot in remote areas. So as you dream of those picturesque mountain photos on your special day, be mindful of possible location-specific expenses. 

Bride posing onto of rocks at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park

Personal Customization:

High-end Canadian wedding photographers often include personalized services and packages tailored to your specific needs. This might include an engagement session, extended coverage, assistant photographers, fine art prints, or heirloom photo albums. Each customization will add incredible value to your service and your photographer will walk you through these additions and the associated costs of building an ideal custom wedding package. 

couple standing on a rock in the water on the shore of Lake Louise photographed by Lake Louise Wedding Photographers Heidrich Photography


When planning your dream wedding in Calgary and Banff, prioritizing a budget for quality photography will allow you to treasure your wedding memories for a lifetime. By considering the experience and artistry of the photographer, location-related expenses, and desired customizations, you can ensure that your wedding photography experience will be unmatched and that you will have memories to enjoy for generations.

Couple in red canoe on Lake Louise during sunset

Decoding Wedding Photographer Costs: Finding Your Ideal Match

When exploring wedding photography pricing, it’s important to keep in mind that like all services, you get what you pay for. It’s also important to find a photographer that’s a good fit for you as a couple, as well as aligns with your expectations for photography on your big day. 

Instead of simply inquiring about costs with a photographer, send an email, book a consultation, share your photography priorities, and have a chance to hear what kind of experience and personalized approach they’ll be able to offer you. 

To further help explain pricing, we’ve broken down what to expect within average price ranges of wedding photographers from beginners to experienced professionals: 

  1. Beginner: $500-1200
    • These photographers are just starting out and will have minimal previous experience.
    • Possible challenges with beginners can include: lack of experience navigating wedding day logistics and timelines, lack of expertise in natural posing, and lack of confidence in ability to deliver quality photographs. 
    • This lower price point will be reflective in your service experience and final product. 
  2. Emerging Talent: $2000-3000
    • These photographers shoot weddings more regularly and range from part-time to full time professionals.
    • They’ve begun to hone their style and may shoot fewer weddings to provide more personalized client service. 
    • Photographers at this level begin to invest in quality photography gear and further education to grow their business.
    • They can demonstrate consistency through their portfolio and provide a clear understanding of their capabilities.
  3. Seasoned Professional: $4000-$6500
    • Seasoned professionals are considered full-time photographers with an established reputation, expertise, and demand based on their style.
    • They have a well-defined style and a structured, professional business that ensures you feel well taken care of. 
    • Their focus is on delivering high-quality photographs with exceptional service and standards.
  4. Premium: $7500-15K+
    • Premium photographers have an established presence, refined style, and offer exclusive services.
    • These photographers handle high-profile events effortlessly and professionally, and are sought after for their distinct style and curated taste. 
    • The customer experience will be on another level compared to any of the above!
  5. Luxury: Starting at $20K+
    • Luxury photographers are committed to delivering an unparalleled bespoke client experience, intentionally designed around offering their clients exceptional quality of work and a level of service that reflects the exclusivity and luxury associated with high-end, high-profile weddings.
    • They have invested in top of the line technical training and gear and can effortlessly navigate through any situation expected or unexpected on a wedding weekend.

When planning your dream wedding in Alberta, prioritizing a budget for quality photography will allow you to treasure your wedding memories for a lifetime without added stress. Be sure to consider the experience and artistry of the photographer, location-related expenses, and desired customizations when allocating expenses. 

We hope this was helpful as you search for the perfect Calgary wedding photographers! If you’re engaged and looking for timeless wedding portraits and an incredible experience, we’d love to connect!


David & Breanne

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