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Wedding Suits in Calgary – An interview with Lauren Larsen from Atelier by Ensemble

The wedding industry in Calgary has some seriously talented, amazing creators who are not only incredible at their craft but also provide couples who are planning their wedding with exceptional service and an experience they will never forget. We think these vendors deserve to be recognized for the excellence they bring to the Calgary wedding industry. For this reason, we’re going to take the next several blogs we post to feature some of the best of the best in the Calgary area.

There are many grooms looking for a wedding suit in Calgary at this time of year, so this one’s for the grooms. (Or if you have a soon-to-be-married man in your life!) So often, while brides devote thought, energy and investment into the perfect look for their wedding day, the groom’s style and appearance come secondary, obligatory, or, dare we say, even last minute. We’re here to proclaim that grooms deserve to look and feel incredible on their wedding day! We know it can sometimes feel a bit challenging to know where to start, so let us take the work off your plate and introduce you to a Calgary suitmaker who’s shaking up the game by tailoring custom suits to perfection and emphasizing the need for grooms to look as sharp as their leading ladies. Because, let’s face it, off-the-rack options for grooms rarely hit the mark.

Meet Lauren Larsen, the brilliance behind Atelier Suiting. A personal stylist, first impression optimizer, menswear designer, and custom suit specialist, this artist is all about creating a wedding suit of perfection – the style, the fit, the personality and mood. Lauren is a fashion genius and the very best guide for helping a groom to look and feel incredible on his wedding day. Say goodbye to ill-fitted, cookie-cutter suits and take a dive with her into the world of personalized swagger. We had the complete honour of visiting Lauren in her studio to interview her about her work and vision for wedding suits in Calgary. Check out what she had to say…

The women who creates the perfect wedding suits in Calgary

Hey Lauren, can you share the story of how you started your journey in the wedding suit-making industry in Calgary and what inspired you to pursue this profession?

“My love of menswear, personal styling, and passion for helping people feel good about themselves is what led me to suit making. I started as a personal stylist 12 years ago, specializing in menswear. The first few years as a stylist were busier than expected – I quickly gained clients in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and New York City, and because a man’s wardrobe is not complete without a nice suit or two, I accompanied my clients on a lot of different custom suiting appointments. More often than not, we were left feeling unsatisfied with the experience, which is when I decided I was going to make my own suits for my clients – so I could be in charge of how the process went, the quality of the fabrics, and the quality of the tailoring. I sourced wool from Italy and England, and was fortunate to partner with who I believe are the best tailors in the world, and the rest is history!”  

What are the three things you love most about the experience you offer for Calgary grooms?

“First, I love the ability to personalize the process and experience to fit the client’s needs. The guidance and knowledge my clients receive when they choose to work with us. We don’t just make suits, we guide our clients through the process from start to finish.”

“The second thing I love is the boutique feel. My studio is cozy, comfortable and beautiful. I love that clients can come in with their friends and family and receive the full attention of the stylist they are working with. I want every client to leave feeling like they were listened to and guided in the direction that suits their vision and style the best.”

“Lastly, I love that we do fully custom tailoring, meaning, we do not use templates or pre-made suits to determine size, and we always cut our Atelier suits by hand to ensure a proper size and drape on the client’s body. It is traditional fine tailoring, not mass production, and it makes a huge difference for the client.”

What is the one thing being done wrong with groom’s wedding suits that you see way too often? 

“Oh boy, if I have to choose only one thing being done wrong in the custom world it would be using cheap fabrics and cheap tailoring techniques. It is such a shame when tens of thousands of dollars are spent on a wedding and the groom is wearing something that was clearly overlooked or not prioritized. The cut, fit and fabric of the groom’s suit is just as important as any other aspect of the wedding, and should be treated as such. A bad suit will ruin a wedding photo. A good suit will be noticed, and will ensure the photos turn out as good as possible. Also, if the suit is properly made, it will last years… and can be worn again and again. The second worst thing is rentals. ;)”

and inside look into Calgary's wedding suits studio Atelier by Ensemble

If you can only have one suit, what should it be and why? 

“If you can have only one suit it would be a dark navy Italian wool suit that is perfectly fitted and has enough seam allowance to ensure it can be altered in the future. Dark navy suits can be worn in almost every situation, from work, to weddings, to galas and are timeless so they will never go out of style. Also, if you’re wearing it to work, you can change the shirt and tie and no one will know you’re wearing the same suit over and over again. Dark navy goes under the radar, and in such an elegant way.”

Which celebrity would you love to dress?

“I would LOVE to dress George Clooney, Leo Dicaprio, and perhaps Daniel Craig just to see how I do compared to his James Bond Tom Ford tuxedo ;)”

Who do you think is the best-dressed person in the world/Hollywood/Calgary (your pick!) right now? 

“Hmmmmm, the best-dressed person in the world is hard to choose. I LOVE the overall understated, low-key, elegant style of the people who live in the South of France. I love the elevated elegance of how men dress in Milan. It would be hard for me to choose a favourite. If I had to pick a person with great style, I’ve been LOVING the way Austin Butler dresses so I think I’d pick him. My clients who I dressed for the 2023 Oscar Awards attended parties with Austin Butler and told me he is also a very nice guy, so for me that makes me like his style even more!”

Which 2024 trends do you see or would like to see in the wedding industry for suits?

“2024 clients have been leaning into browns and various earth tones more than ever. I’ve also been making a lot of black tuxedos, which I always love because they’re just so elegant. My vibe in general leans more timeless and classic, so I’m always happy when clients choose something that I know will look amazing for years to come.” 

one of the most amazing wedding suits in Calgary from this past wedding season on this classic looking groom
portrait ofLauren Larson, owner of Atelier by Ensemble in her studio in Calgary Alberta creating the perfect wedding suits in Calgary

We loved our time in the Atelier studio with Lauren. It’s a stunning, magical space where excellence is the standard. If you’re a groom or you know a groom looking for a wedding suit in Calgary, run, don’t walk to get in touch with her. You will be in the very best care and will come away in a suit of perfection.

We can’t wait to feature more incredible wedding vendors with you in posts to come, so stay tuned! And if you’re engaged and still need a photographer for your wedding, your favorite Calgary Wedding Photographers would love to connect!

xo, Breanne & David


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