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Doug and Cayley’s Deane House Calgary Wedding

Doug and Cayley’s Deane House Calgary Wedding

Here’s one question we get asked all the time: “What is your favorite wedding venue to photograph at, in Calgary?” Honestly, it’s a pretty tough question to answer! Calgary has so many incredible wedding venues and it really depends on what kind of wedding you plan on having. And how many guests are attending?

If you are planning a small to medium-sized wedding and are going for an outdoor garden party kind of feel, the Deane House Calgary in Inglewood is literally the perfect venue.

From a photography standpoint, there is always an element of a venue that is not 100% ideal. Nobody’s perfect. πŸ™‚ But the Deane House is perfect from a photography point of view. And here is why that matters for your wedding day: You want your wedding day to be as consistently and beautifully documented as possible. And a venue with great light is essential to achieving just that.

Let’s also not forget the important role of a great venue layout, amazing food, and the most helpful and incredible staff!

The one thing that we hear over and over again from our couples is that they want to have a well-planned wedding day that feels relaxed and enables them to actually enjoy their wedding. How many weddings have we all been to where the couple just sprints from one event to the next without a second to rest and enjoy the moment?! The Deane House is the perfect venue to eliminate stressors from your wedding day. You can choose from tons of photo locations, weather in Inglewood, East Village or Downtown, with very short travel distance. Some locations are even walkable! Not to forget that the Deane House itself is an incredible location for your wedding photos. The distance to great hotels (for getting ready locations) should also not be overlooked.

In the case of anything running behind on your day, where we might end up having a little less time for photos before or after the ceremony, we are always able to find 10-15min to get a beautiful set of photos at the best time of day by just walking over to the flower garden. It’s pretty perfect. πŸ™‚

Okay, enough talking. Time for you to enjoy Doug and Cayley’s unique wine-themed summer wedding.


David & Breanne

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