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Mike and Jocelyn. From Calgary to Invermere.

Here is what happens when all the most amazing vendors work together to create an incredible wedding experience at a lakeside family cabin in Invermere. An experience that perfectly reflects the couple’s values and what’s important to them.

When planning your wedding, we think that it’s absolutely crucial that you stay away from trends and traditions that don’t mean anything to you. Do you!! Do the things that are really important to you. 

Having worked on 100s of weddings in Calgary and Banff, over the past 10 years, we can honestly say the weddings that felt special and meaningful were the ones where couples did what was important to them. If you do what’s cool and trendy at the moment, it can easily feel impersonal and almost forgetful, which is the last thing that you want guests to remember about your wedding.

When meeting with potential vendors for your wedding, make sure that there is a genuine interest in what your values are and what is truly important to you as a couple. 

When you inquire with us, we will always provide you with a list of incredible Calgary and Banff vendors that not only can you trust 100%, but will do everything they possibly can to help you bring your vision to life (or help you find that vision in the first place).

We’re always here to help! Because wedding planning is not easy and can quickly feel overwhelming. We get it. And we’ve got your back. 


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