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A Letter To Our Past Couples

The biggest upside to this whole pandemic has probably been that we have a bit more time to actually look through all the images from the last wedding season. Our season in Calgary and Banff is so busy every year that we barely get a chance to sit back and really look at what we are able to create for each of our couples.

We believe that your wedding portraits are a collection of art pieces. The expression of human emotions through photography has such a beautiful and therapeutic effect on our minds. Similar to a great book or a painting, it helps us to escape the present, let your imagination run wild, gives you all the right feels and makes you reflect on what really matters most.

To all of our past couples over the years: our wish for you is that you take some time during these uncertain days, open your box of wedding photos and be reminded of how far you have made it together. Be reminded of the amazing friends and family that surround you and that have your back.

You’re all amazing and looking through your weddings fills us with so much gratitude and happiness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to document your story.

Stay safe & awesome,

David + Breanne

P.S. Vishal and Natasha’s inspiring post-wedding mountain session was the perfect mix of classic elegance and timeless style! Enjoy. 🙂

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