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Tanner and Brighid’s magical summer wedding

The perfect wedding at Vancouver’s UBC boathouse

One really important tip we give to every couple is this: Decide what is truly important to you, and then plan your wedding day around those things! It will be so much easier to make decisions on venues, vendors or even if want to have a wedding cake or not. Clearly articulating what is most important to you will make it much easier to create a meaningful wedding day and have your guests remember your wedding for years to come. Do what’s you and what matters most to both of you.

For this blog post, I asked the groom, Tanner, to write a little about what was important on his and Brighid’s wedding day:

“I wonder if part of the challenge of describing a wedding day to people comes from the lack of nuance around how special it truly is. It seems that couples (us included!) feel the need to only describe the obvious: a singular day of celebration, committing our lives and love to one another. Obviously, that is really special, and the reason for the celebration. But there is so much more going on within a wedding that seems to make it even more meaningful.  

For Brig and I, one of the things we were most excited about for our wedding day was having all of our family and closest friends together in one space to celebrate with. Being able to eat and drink and dance with people you love the most who are also so excited for you is something really amazing. Our wedding day will be marked as such a special moment because our family stood with us, reminiscing and laughing over where we have come from but also hoping and praying and believing really important things for Brighid and me as husband and wife. It was more than just a singular day of celebration. In a lot of ways, it was a summation of what had been and the best of what will be. Our wedding day was a reminder that we have people in our lives who have stood by our sides through the years and that they will continue to support and encourage us through the years to come. 

It is hard to hold onto that feeling with all its weight, but I can honestly say that the best thing about our wedding pictures from David and Breanne is that they evoke that feeling consistently. David and Breanne (who came all the way from Calgary) have somehow nailed the nuance with the pictures of our wedding that words sometimes miss – that is to say, that Brig and I would not have had such an amazing wedding day without the amazing family we have. We would not have gotten to the place of even getting married without those close people in our lives and we would not be able to have the incredible marriage we have now without those same family members. We are so thankful to have these memories and feelings captured in pictures. It is beautiful to have a tangible reminder of the incredible family we have in our lives.”


David & Breanne

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